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eutermesan_love's Journal

C'rizz Love
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A fan community dedicated to C'rizz, audio companion of the 8th Doctor.
This is a community for fans of C'rizz, a Eutermesan from the planet Bortresoye and companion of the Eighth Doctor.

This is the place to post artwork, fanfiction, icons, discussion, or anything else you can think of related to C'rizz (or Conrad Westmaas, the lovely voice actor).

Please rate your fics appropriately and do not bring character-bashing or shipwars here. And have fun!
absolution, adept, audios, big finish, bortresoye, c'rizz, chameleon, chameleons, charley pollard, church of the foundation, conrad westmaas, death, divergent universe, divergents, doctor who, eighth doctor, eutermesan, exoskeletons, india fisher, kro'ka, kromon, l'da, lizard boy, paul mcgann, rassilon, tardis